17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (2024)

There are many ways to stay full and warm this winter, but right now, I am loving these recipes for roasted vegetables! Not only are they easy to prepare, they are also very healthy too! Roasted vegetables are the perfect dish for those of us who are too busy but really need to commit to a healthier lifestyle! Roasted vegetables are so easy to make and they can be eaten on their own or as a side toyour favorite meal! We know we could all use a little more veggies in our lives, especially after the holiday weight gain. So, let’s get cooking!

For A Warm And Hearty Winter

If you like mixing and matching ingredients like you do clothes, then roasted vegetables isthe dish for you! There are so many ways to make them—from selecting vegetables based on taste, color, or nutrients! The possibilities are endless! Plus, you also get to choose which kind of herbs and seasoning you’re going to use. Then, there’s the method of roasting. It really is the perfect way of exploring your gastronomical preferences! And you also get to hone your culinary expertise along the way.

Vegetables aren’t just for veggie-lovers anymore. Thanks to new and inventive ways of cooking, everyone can now enjoy veggies! If you’re worried your kids and other family members don’tget enoughgreens, then keep on reading because these roasted vegetables recipes are here to help! Roasted vegetables guarantee that every member of your family will be joining you on your journey to a healthier life. Master these recipes because I’m sure they’ll be requested with much enthusiasm for a long time!

1. Harissa-and-Maple-Roasted Carrots

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (1)

Why not start out with a little bit of spice? These roasted carrots are a little bit more piquant than your average roasted vegetables. It’s the best way to entice new veggie enthusiasts!

2. Roasted Potatoes, Parsnips, and Carrots

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (2)

When in doubt, make some roasted potatoes, parsnips, and carrots! This recipe can be cooked alone or with a main dish like turkey or chicken. A combination which can do no wrong!

3. Beautiful Roasted Vegetables

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (3)

As you can see, the reason behind the name of this wonderful dish is the lovely combination of colors! Plus, the vegetables used for these beautiful roasted vegetables are from different seasons. So, you’re not only getting the full visual experience, you’re savoring an entire year of food too!

Grilled Peaches and Haloumi Salad! #cheese #foodie #recipe https://t.co/M5MxuaWy4I pic.twitter.com/4AJf4nzHmh

— Homemade Recipes (@BestHomeRecipes) January 7, 2017

4. Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables


Have you ever tried drizzling your roasted vegetables witholive oil and apple cider vinegar? You definitely should, and this recipe shows you how! It even has a special trick on how to achieve uniformly-cut veggies.

5. Parmesan-Roasted Potatoes

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (4)

Parmesan and potatoes—a simple but beautiful coming together of ingredients! It’s like eating flavored fries minus the guilt! Yummy and savory roasted vegetables are always a smash hit.

6. Flavorful Roasted Vegetables


The secret to bringing out the taste of every vegetable is to let them be. So, use simple seasoning which doesn’t combat your selection. This recipe uses garlic and thyme to come up with flavorful roasted veggies!

7. Miso-Roasted Veggies

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (5)

Change up the way you make your roasted vegetables by using Miso paste! Mixed with garlic, these miso-roasted veggies will definitely fill your stomach without the help of any other dish!

8. Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables With Pesto

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (6)

A medley of courgettes, cherry tomatoes, and peppers is what roasted Mediterranean veggiesare all about! Plus, the veggies are roasted in sun-dried tomato pesto and basil leaves! When I eat this dish I instantly feel closer to nature!

9. Super Easy Roasted Vegetables

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (7)

I know almost all of the items on this list are easy to cook, but this one is by far the easiest! Thissuper easy roasted veggies recipe is for foodies who have the skill level of beginners but the tastebuds ofaseasoned foodie!

10. Roasted Broccoli

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (8)

A lot of people don’t like broccoli. So, all the more reason to find ways to make itpalatable! You can’t go wrong with this simple recipe for roasted broccoli. A little kosher salt and some olive oil and voila! An instant favorite!

11. Oven-Roasted Winter Vegetables

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (9)

Swede, sweet potato, and celeriac are your go-to veggies this winter! This recipe for oven-roasted winter vegetables uses minimal herbs and spices to let the chunky pieces of vegetables fill your stomach and warm your heart.

12. Roasted Vegetables With Honey And Balsamic Syrup

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (10)

The relatively neutral taste of roasted vegetables isperfect for bringing out the taste of honey and balsamic syrup! This recipe shows how you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind combination in the best way possible!

13. Colorful Roasted Vegetables


Like I said, the great thing about roasted vegetables is you won’t ever have to worry about presentation! The colors of rutabaga, butternut squash, and shallots look as good as they taste! Serve this dish at your next dinner party and your guest won’t be disappointed!

14. Roasted Broccoli with Ancho Butter


A spicy and buttery way of cooking broccoli? This recipe should turn itfrom least-liked veggie to the star of all veggies! The key to making roasted broccoli with ancho butter is moderation: find the perfect balance between spicy and buttery to make sure you don’t overpower the beautiful texture of broccoli!

15. Italian Roasted Vegetables

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (11)

Feel like a citizen of the world with this recipe for Italian roasted veggies! Just because we’re focusing on one food group, doesn’t mean we can’t broaden our horizons! Try this recipe today!

16. Dijon Oven-Roasted Vegetables

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (12)

Roasted vegetables in Dijon mustard gives a strong contrast which is simply irresistible! Roasting the veggies in the oven allows the Dijon mustard to really seep in so every bite of this fantastic dish is bursting with savory goodness!

17. Oil-Free Rainbow Roasted Vegetables

17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (13)

Vegetables are healthy enough by themselves but if you want to go the extra mile, roast them without using any oil. You might just make the switch to a vegan lifestyle after trying this recipe for oil-free rainbow roasted veggies! Sumptuous and pleasing to the eyes!

Watch this video from ChefSteps for more roasted vegetables ideas:

Making a habit of eating roasted vegetables will set you onthe rewarding path of healthy living! Soon, you’ll be gorging yourself on all things lean and green without even thinking about it! This is the kind of lifestyle you should commit to because it really pays off. There’s nothing more reassuring than not having to worry about your health. We all need it if we really want to make the most out of ourlives!

Want more healthy recipes? Try these17 Healthy Winter Salad Recipes! Which roasted vegetables recipe are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments section!

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17 Roasted Vegetables Recipes to Jazz Up Your Chilly Nights (2024)


How do you jazz up vegetables? ›

Top 10 Ways To Make Vegetables Tasty
  1. Pair with Cheese. ...
  2. A Tangy Surprise! ...
  3. Sauté with Herbs. ...
  4. Spice Them Up! ...
  5. Healthy Dipping! ...
  6. Mix with Fruit. ...
  7. A Flavorful Homemade Soup. ...
  8. Drink Them!

Is it better to roast vegetables on foil or parchment? ›

In our guide to roasting any vegetable, we recommend parchment paper—no questions asked (or explanation given).

Can you prepare roast vegetables the night before? ›

Tip 1: If you need to save time, prepare these the day before you need them and store them in the fridge in an airtight container. Tip 2: If you love spicy dishes, toss the vegetables in cumin and paprika before baking.

How do you roast vegetables so they don't get soggy? ›

Be sure to season your vegetables generously with salt. Don't overcrowd the vegetables or the hot air won't circulate and they'll steam instead of roast. Rotate the trays and stir the vegetables around a bit with a spatula to make sure they're crisping evenly and not sticking to the tray, every 10 minutes or so.

How do you pimp up vegetables? ›

A bit of oil or butter adds so much flavour to vegetables. Since veggies are low in fat, the right amount won't compromise on the health of your meal. Certain fats and oils also provide nutrients, it's a win-win. These Tarragon and Honey Parsnips and Carrots are roasted with butter, oil, tarragon and honey.

How do you make vegetables exciting? ›

Using different seasonings can completely transform your plant-based cooking. Spices like chile powder, curry, smoked paprika, cinnamon, cumin, and black pepper can do wonders for vegetables. And never forget the most important seasoning: salt (just remember to add a little bit at a time and keep tasting).

What is the secret to roasting vegetables? ›

The perfect temperature– 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for most roasted vegetables. It allows for a crispy, perfectly browned exterior and a fork tender interior.

Which of the following vegetables is not well suited for roasting? ›

Vegetables to Avoid Roasting

Green beans, broccoli, and other green-colored vegetables are not as well-suited for roasting because they tend to turn olive green.

Can I roast vegetables ahead of time and then reheat? ›

To make ahead, roast the vegetables just under the total cook time, until firm but not tender. The Brussels sprouts should be cooked through according to the recipe. Reheat the roasted vegetables in trays, covered with foil at 425 degrees F (220 degrees C) for 15 to 20 minutes.

What do you serve with roasted vegetables? ›

I often serve them next to my Italian baked chicken, Garlic Dijon Chicken, or even next to Boneless Lamb, Roast Turkey Breast, or even Slow Roasted Salmon. But don't discount these gorgeous vegetables as a light vegetarian main with farro risotto, or on top of lemon rice or even quinoa!

Do vegetables need to be dry before roasting? ›

If your vegetables still have some moisture after washing, be sure to pat them as dry as possible; the drier the vegetable, the better it will roast.

What is the best oil to roast vegetables with? ›

For vegetables, chicken, and just about everything else, olive oil and ghee are our first choices for roasting at temperatures over 400°F. Not only do they help food cook up with the crispiness you crave, but each one also imparts its own unique flavor that you just don't get from neutral oils like grapeseed or canola.

Should I use parchment paper when roasting vegetables? ›

Line your pan with parchment paper.

This is one of my favorite tips. Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems to help the vegetables brown a bit better, and makes for super easy clean up. Winner, winner.

Do I roast vegetables in the oven covered or uncovered? ›

There is no need to cover vegetables when roasting. Covering them creates steam, so they won't get as crispy and caramelized. Don't forget to stir once or twice while cooking so the vegetables get nicely browned on all sides. Other than that, you can't really go wrong.

How to make any vegetable tasty? ›

Roast, air fry, grill, or sauté them

Roasting veggies is incredibly easy (just throw them on a sheet pan, add some seasonings, and let them cook), and makes them browned, flavorful, and perfectly crispy. The air fryer is a fast way to "fry" your veggies to keep them healthy but crispy.

How do you incorporate veggies when you hate them? ›

Pair with foods you already like: Start by adding a slice of tomato to a beloved hamburger or mushrooms into an omelette. Play with texture: If you hate mushy vegetables, try raw, shredded, roasted or stir-fried versions instead. Love crunchy foods? Try baked kale or beet “chips.”

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