Allora Day Spa Sand Lake - Orlando, FL 32819 - Services and Reviews (2024)

4.9 – 125 reviews • Day spa

Allora Day Spa Sand Lake - Orlando, FL 32819 - Services and Reviews (1)

Located In: The Rialto Luxury Apartments


Friday9 AM–7 PM
Saturday9 AM–6 PM
Sunday10 AM–6 PM
Monday10 AM–6 PM
Tuesday10 AM–6 PM
Wednesday9 AM–7 PM
Thursday9 AM–7 PM


Day Spa
Body waxing
Skin treatments
50% Lactic Action Exfoliating Facial
Acne Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Facial
Aromatherapy Massage
Bio-Freeze Athletic Massage
Body Treatments
Body Wrap
Chocolate Peel Facial
Deep Tissue Massage
Eye Treatment
Glycolic Facial
Green Tea Lactic Facial
High Frequency Facial
Hot Towel Foot Scrub
Illuminating Facial
LED Light Therapy
Lash Extensions
Lip Treatment
Lomi- Lomi Massage
Massage Therapist
Removing Dead Skin
Scalp Massage
UltraSonic Scrubber
Zen Hot Stone Massage

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 7341 W Sand Lake Rd Suite 1017, Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: (407) 904-3113


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Michelle Mejia

Booked a lomi lomi package for a friend and I. It was our first time at this spa and we really enjoyed it. My friend even mentioned that the customer service was the best she had ever received at a spa. As for our massages, Julia was supper attentive and left me feeling super relaxed. Would definitely book another package again.

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Parnika Salooja

I had such an amazing experience here! Genesis did my 90 minute hot stone massage and it was extremely relaxing with the exact right amount of pressure. I had a 1hr personalized facial and citrus body treatment with Jasmine who did a phenomenal job of explaining her process and how to best take care of my skin. The entire experience was soothing and went off without any issues. I will definitely be coming back here for another spa day!

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Ashleigh Bakker

I have a mixed review. The facial service for my friend and I was great, and the spa is beautiful. I would have given 5 stars, however, I do not appreciate the way they run up sells in their business. Both facial techs were great, but they added extra charges to both of our facials without even telling us that it would be an added cost. When I had my facial, my lady said she had some treatment for my skin – but she didn’t not tell me it would be an extra cost at any point in our conversation – I thought she was just using a specific product for my pores that was included in the facial. My friend also was swindled into adding light therapy but was not told that it was an extra $35. It was our first time here, so anything mentioned regarding facials we assumed was included because neither of them mentioned that it was an extra cost. I came out of my facial first and when they tried telling me there was an extra charge, I explained that I had no clue they were charging more for that because I was not told that it was an extra cost. She did take the charge off for mine at least, but it’s just awkward even having to discuss it since I feel like they snuck that charge in there. They should fully disclose when something is an extra cost, otherwise it’s a very dishonest way of doing business. I was paying for my friends facial for her birthday and I ended up paying for the extra charge on hers too. It’s not until later that I found out they did the same thing to her and didn’t tell her about the extra charge. I loved the service, but I will have to think about going back or not due to this.

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Naomi Mejias

Came in for a massage and facial and it was great!!! Front desk staff “LeeAnn” was super friendly and not pushy at all.

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Princess Aaliyah

I had such an amazing experience at allora. The spa was clean and relaxing the ladies in the front desk were so welcoming. My massage with Ali was wonderful she worked out the areas of tension I had. And my facial with Stephanie was great I came out feeling 5 years younger. 10/10 recommend

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Maryiam Irfan

This was my first time at this Spa I must say that it was amazing I booked 2 services first body massage and second facial and both ladies are super expert in their jobs. Angelique did my body massage and it’s was best massage I ever had..she knows the tension areas. My body is so relaxed since i had body massage today.and Stephanie did my facial and it was superb.she knows facial skin type really well..suggest you good facial accordingly.

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George Scammell

My friend researched local day spas and highly recommended Allora Day Spa. Stephanie and Allie are both very knowledgeable, skilled professionals with a genuine passion for what they do. They were welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Stephanie was thorough in her analysis and services recommendations. I will definitely be a regular!

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Allayson Ramirez

Mariela was my service provider. I am absolutely grateful for her skills. She focused on all the key points I told her about and she definitely understood the assignment! Stephanie was the receptionist. She is also an esthetician. Stephanie was very knowledgeable about the retail and I can’t wait to try my new mask and moisturizer. Thanks for a wonderful experience. I’ll be sure to visit again.

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Catherine PAV

I had SELENA for a Calma Swedish massage. I am so thankful for her professional demeanor and her skill — she worked up my shoulders like I needed. I asked for a deeper massage and I got it. She knew where I needed shoulder tension relieved. Thank you, Selena! You did a great job!

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Zahra B

OMG!!! This place was amazing 🙂 Very professional and staff was so kind. I had Genesis do my facial and massage she was AMAZING!!! Very sweet and always made sure I was doing okay and asking if I was comfortable. I will definitely be back!

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Allora Day Spa Sand Lake - Orlando, FL 32819 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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