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If New Atlantis was the shiny pearl, then Cydonia on Mars would be a rusty bolt. This gritty and grungy city of the Sol system is one of the major cities that you will be visiting frequently during your time in Starfield. With a heavy focus on mining and production, Cydonia expanded downward, as opposed to outwards, creating a city divided across various floors, starting along the surface, accessible via the main airlock located near the landing point.

You will naturally be sent to Cydonia very early on in the main Constellation story, as you will, and Sarah will make a pitstop here to check some info out at the Broken Spear bar. Quests that will bring you to Mars include:


  • The Old Neighborhood
  • Deep Cover

Getting around is pretty easy with three main methods to reach the various levels: the elevator, the stairs, or going through the Luxe Condominiums (for the central hub and residential sectors at least).

How to get to Cydonia

You can find Cydonia located on Mars within the Sol sector. Sol is located (when looking at the starmap) northwest of Alpha Centauri, where New Atlantis and the Lodge are located.

Central Hub

The Surface Level of Cydonia is incredibly small and resides just inside of the main airlock from the outside Martian surface. The “surface level” only extends out to the top of the large ramp underneath the “Hours without incident” sign hanging above. Even though it may be small, there are still a few areas for you to explore and find some quests in!

Just pass the plastic drapes you walk through upon entering the main level, and you will notice a talk directory of the various shops here on Cydonia as well to help you get your barrings! Just past the Broken Spear will be a ramp that will take you into the Central hub area of the city, where a majority of your shops will be located, along with elevators and stairways that will take you lower down onto level 1 and the mining areas of level 2.


Directly to your left, when you pass through the plastic drapes, you will find the Cydonian Security Office through an orange bulkhead. Inside, you will find jai lcells and officers such as Sergent Booth and CDR Woodard. This is also the location you will be taken to if you are apprehended by the UC on New Atlantis, which begins the Deep Cover quest line.


Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Booth
  • CDR Woodard

The Broken Spear

The go-to bar here on Cydonia for most of its citizens, the Broken Spear is located along the right side of the surface level, across from the small hallway leading to the Deimos Staryards Engineering area, just before the ramp down to the residential Lower Level 1 area. Just inside of Broken Spear will be two terminals, one that allows you to accept bounty contracts and a second that will let you pay off your own bounties with Starfield’s various factions.

Down a set of stairs, you will find the bar proper with the bartender Jack in the back. Behind him will be a path that will lead you through a small UC security room and, through there, an Advanced locked door that leads into a room with various credit chips and weapon cases. In here you will also find another locked door, this time to the Master level, that will lead out.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Phill Hill
  • Sebastian Lynne
  • Adler Kemp
  • Missle Weapons Specialist *recruitable*
  • Propulsion Specialist *recruitable*
  • Defensive Systems Specialist *recruitable*
  • Jack (the barkeep)
  • Moara Otero (after completing “The Old Neighborhood” quest) *recruitable*

Deimos Staryards Engineering

To the left, after you enter the main airlock and past the Security station, you will see a small corridor that leads to the Deimos Staryards Engineering. Inside Cydonia Engineering Bay, you will find an upper platform that looks out over the bay itself, where the various mechanics and robots are working, and then the shop floor where the work is getting done. There isn’t much to do in here, but may be worth your time to still pop in to check out.


Trade Authority Outpost

Just down the ramp on the right side, you will find the Trade Authority Outpost here on Mars. This outpost acts identically to the other trade authorities you will find during your journey, serving as the dumping ground for all the random items you need to sell. From resources to weapons, space suits to stolen drugs, trade authority will be your friend when you need to free up some space. If you are more in the market for buying, trade authority can help with that as well, with a rotating supply of goods to peak through and a great place to find some digipicks to buy as well.

For the lockpickers out there, taking the stairs to the left of Manaaki will lead to a locked door of the Master level to break into if you’re so inclined and skilled enough.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Manaaki Almonte (shopkeeper)
  • Saoirse Bowden
  • Oktai Enbayar

UC Office of the Governor-General

Next to the Trade Authority, you will find the offices of Cydonia’s governor, Glen Hurst. If you are interested in finding out more about the governor, you can break into his home, located in the Luxe Condominiums, locked behind an advanced-level door, or if preferred, can simply pickpocket his key off of him by crouching behind him and his desk.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Governor Glen Hurst
  • Demelza Myers

Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters

Further down the same path from the Trade Authority and the Governor’s office, it will dead-end at the Deimos Staryard’s Corporate Office. Inside, you will find various office cubicles, and in the back, Peter Brennan and his computer. His computer can only be unlocked with a key.


Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Peter Brennan


Located at the bottom of the ramp on the left, directly across from Trade Authority, Enhance! If you have stopped feeling your playable character’s look and want to change things up, hit up Enhance to redo your character's appearance. For a small fee, you will be able to recreate your appearance, though your character traits and other aspects you picked at the original creation can’t be adjusted in this manner.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Dr. Ifeanyi Addigwe

Reliant Medical

Right next to Enhance you will find Cydonia’s Reliant Medical office with Dr. Charlie Fynn for those times you need to restock up on med packs and other healing needs. You can also patch yourself up if needed!

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Dr. Charlie Flynn


UC Exchange

On the other side of Reliant Medical you will find the UC Exchange, a small shop run by Denis Averin. When you are in the market for some ammo and a better gun selection than the Trade Authority is offering, stop by the UC Exchange to upgrade your kit.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Denis Averin


The residential area on the first lower level is where you will come across the “community” facilities of Cydonia. From the Luxe Condominiums to the Community Center, this area is where you will see the heart of its people. While there isn’t too much to get into down here, it still gives you a good look at the peoples’ lives here while also providing some stealing and hacking opportunities.

To reach the residential area from the central hub, you can choose from using the elevator positioned at the bottom of the stairs that are just past the Trade Authority Outpost on the right, going through the orange door on the left at the bottom off the main ramp in the central hub, or the stairs at the far back, next to the Face of Mars display.

Deimos Miner Quarters

Located next to the Luxe Condominiums in the Residential district, the miner quarters are where the miners down in lower level 2 go after their shifts are up. That means you will find many of the same familiar faces, but they will be sleeping, so that means those of you with sticky fingers will have a lot to choose from.

Special NPCs you can find here:


  • Andres Jensen
  • Samund Berg-Ramirez
  • Henry “Hank” Ferraro
  • Laylah Pulaski
  • Gauri Limsong
  • Rivkah Ovadia

Luxe Condominiums

Reachable via the elevator or entering through the orange portholes on the central hub and level 1 areas, the Luxe Condominiums are home to various citizens of Cydonia, including the governor. Throughout the two levels of apartments, you will be able to speak with a few of the city’s inhabitants and raid some homes while you’re at it. On the top floor, next to the orange door leading to the Central Hub area, you will find the Advance-locked door of the governor’s home. Break in to find some goodies along with his locked (another advance level) computer. Alternatively, you can steal the key to Governor Hurst’s home off of him in his office in the central hub.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Taye Imani
  • Anna Imani
  • Renee Shelby

UC Marine Barracks

Located directly across the small courtyard, from the Luxe Condominiums and Deimos Miner Quarters, past the Community Center and Jane’s Goods. Inside you will find both a weapon and spacesuit workbench along with a bunch of weapon cases and ammo around (though you will need to be sneaky if you want to swipe these). Speaking to Chris, one of the marines in the barracks, he will ask you to deliver a birthday gift to his sister in New Atlantis, beginning the “Special Delivery” quest.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Chris Cullen

Jane’s Goods

Shopkeep: Jane WellerLocated in the Residential district right across from the elevators and next to the Community Center, Jane sells a number of various goods, including a small selection of equipment, books, resources, and more. If you speak with her, she will mention that a courier of hers has gone missing, which can lead to a quest for you to undertake, Start-up Stopped.


Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Jane Weller

Community Center

Down in the community center, you will see the various citizenry mingling and hanging out, using the center’s offerings such as a movie area, soccer balls, weights, and a cooking bench. You can also find Joy Bryant from the House of Enlightenment down here, should you ever wish to get a better idea of the church and its religion.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Horus Gamal
  • Joy Bryant

Lower Level 2 (P2)

The second lower level is the furthest down that the city of Cydonia goes and offers far fewer amenities than either the central hub or residential areas. Most of the rest of the space is taken up by a large area of minable resources in the middle and various resource storage crates and the odd office space in the back. The only business down on this level is the Sixth Circle bar that serves veterans only. To reach this bottom level, you can either take the stairs that are to the right off the Face of Mars statue in central hub or take the elevators down.


Sixth Circle

The Sixth Circle bar is the only business down on the second lower level. You can find the entrance to this tiny drinking hole just past the elevator or around the corner from the stairs. This place will only

serve veterans, so unless you have some service under your character’s belt, don’t expect a warm welcome.

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • Lou Saavadra (barkeep)
  • Cambridge Cooper

Mining Area

This large mining area has deposits of iron that you can mine if you so choose and plenty of people to talk to (assuming they aren’t asleep up in their quarters in the residential area). Be sure to take advantage of the free Iron, so long as you have space somewhere to put it!

Special NPCs you can find here:

  • NOAM
  • Andres Jensen
  • Samund Berg-Ramirez
  • Henry “Hank” Ferraro
  • Laylah Pulaski
  • Gauri Limsong
  • Rivkah Ovadia
  • Trevor Petyarre

For additional help, check out our other planet guides and our walkthrough!

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