Doe Infohub (2024)

1. InfoHub

  • Employee Passwords

  • NYC Department of Education InfoHub website

2. InfoHub Quick Links - NYC DOE

  • The public InfoHub (Open external link) is where the DOE shares information with partners, providers, researchers, and the general public.

  • To help you find what is available on the public InfoHub, use this alphabetized list of pages.

3. Employees - NYC DOE

  • This page provides information about, and links to: InfoHub, Passwords, Email, Careers, HR Connect Web Portal, Payroll Portal.

  • This page provides information about, and links to: InfoHub, Passwords, Email, Careers, HR Connect Web Portal, Payroll Portal

4. nyc doe infohub language access resources

5. Resources from the DOE and NYC - | Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council

  • NYC DOE Website · iPlan Portal – See your school's Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP). NYC DOE InfoHub · NYC Public Schools · Family Welcome Centers · NYC ...

  • NYC DOE Website


  • Translation and interpretation support; Letters, forms and flyers in all 9 DOE languages; The Office of Sign-Language Interpreting Services (OSLIS).

  • Current resources

7. New York City Dept Of Education - Clever | Log in

  • New York City Dept Of Education · Log in with NYCENET - Recommended for Students and Teachers · Students, Teachers, and School Staff · Log in with Clever Badges ...


8. Getting Access to DOE Email & Data - NYC Community Schools

  • Principals request a DOE account via Person Not on Budget (PNOB) for the CSD in Galaxy. Principals can visit this DOE InfoHub site and follow instructions ...

  • In NYC community schools, data is at the heart of strategic decision making regarding student and community needs. NYC community schools use data for continuous improvement to collaboratively plan student interventions and services, track progress, and shine a light on issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

9. Parent Info Hub - Wilkins Public School

  • Welcome to the new Wilkins Parent Info Hub! We have created a Wilkins PS Google Drive to curate all the information you need this year.

  • information for parents

10. dots Infohub: Start

  • At the dots Infohub we provide news, technical information, marketing material and a newsletter about our software solutions for registered users. To access ...

  • dots Infohub

11. CCAA Info Hub

  • The school building will be closed. Students must check their DOE emails and google classrooms for assignments/zoom links.

  • Announcements IMPORTANT UPDATE: CCNY courses are remote until further notice: Grade 12- Full-time CCNY- fully remote Grades 9- 11- Sign out at 1PM from CCAA and take online class at home High School Trip to Aladdin on Broadway is on May 1st. Middle School and High School classes will resume May 1st

12. Teacher Career Pathways

  • Peer Collaborative Teacher (PCT) Role Overview · Master Teacher Role Overview · Teacher Career Pathways website · Teacher Leadership - DOE InfoHub.

13. NY Education Websites - Education - Research Guides at New York ...

  • 18 apr 2024 · NYC DoE's InfoHub provides access to various reports, programs, and policies for NYC schools. Information and Data Overview. NYC DoE's ...

  • An overview of the resources available for researchers in the field of education, generally focused on K-12 education in the United States. Links to a variety of local and statewide education websites and resources.

Doe Infohub (2024)
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