Muck: The 13 Best Seeds for Survival (2024)

The brutal landscape of Muck allows players to test out their survival skills. However, if you’ve spawned into a map that you just can’t stay alive in, there are other options. Using a different seed for survival in Muck is a great way to try maximizing your enjoyment.

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These 13 seeds have their own special qualities that ensure a good time all around. I personally enjoy a resource-heavy map, and some of these are tailored to that experience.

Each seed has its own unique trait. You’ll just have to sort through to see which suits you.

How to enter a seed in Muck

If you’re unsure how to enter a seed in Muck, here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Open Muck.
  2. Host a server
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the word ‘Seed’ with a text box underneath.
  4. Type whichever seed code tickles your fancy.

The 13 best seeds for survival in Muck

Muck: The 13 Best Seeds for Survival (1)

Let’s take a look at the 13 best seeds for survival in Muck that we’ve found:

1) Daniisking

If you’re looking to get some tools early in the game, this seed will spawn you close to some vital equipment. This ensures you’ll start off without a hitch, and be able to defend yourself while you scavenge for items.

2) wtf jeremy you motherfu-

This particular seed with a colorful name will spawn you near a shipwreck. There’ll also be several caves nearby, meaning you’ll be able to gather some resources quick-smart.

Not only that, but you’ll spawn with a Golden Axe.

3) BigChunk

BigChunk will set you close to all the resources imaginable. You’ll be inundated with all types of useful items, making your Muck experience a longer endeavor.

4) 896066

If you’re looking for a challenge off the bat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this seed. You’ll spot Gronk’s statue almost immediately, meaning you can instantly go and acquire his sword.

5) 7155564

As you spawn in, you’ll be standing close to a chest filled with useful items. You’ll garner a fair amount of coins, armor, weapons, and even some wood to get you started.

6) 589805

This seed will sit you in a massive field with multiple chests to unbox. You’ll see chests as far as the eye can see, and gather plenty of equipment in the process.

7) 3284124

If you’re looking to die almost immediately, here’s the seed for you. You’ll be met by two stone golems almost instantly as you try to enter a cave filled with rubies and other fine resources.

This one is not for the faint of heart.

8) 69420

This seed places you next to two Chef’s huts. These will have multiple chests inside—perfect for a good start in Muck.

9) Sussy

Sussy will place all Muck gamers next to a Pitman Hut. This hut can give you tons of equipment and resources, and odds are you’ll find cash lying around. There’ll be several chests spawning close, so don’t miss them.

10) 1351518951

This seed will have you absolutely loaded up with gear. A Mithril Axe, gold and iron bars, and a nearby cave with a Night Blade and golden pick. The Night Blade is a melee-weapon with the second highest base damage in the game.

You’ll even find a fair number of carts and two guardian totems scattered around the spawn. There are certainly worse ways to start than this.

11) darkbladepls

Using this seed, you’ll spawn near 2 villages, a cave, and the Blue Guardian. You’ll find two Chief Chests, each containing a Chief Spear, which is the only weapon with an attack range bigger than 0. It’s also the strongest melee weapon when it comes to the damage it deals in a single hit.

12) 570259

You’ll spawn in a field surrounded by rocks and resources. As you arrive, you’ll be pampered with multiple maps, steel boots, and even Mithril Ore.

13) 920226889

If you’re achievement hunting, this seed can be a great choice for the challenging Caveman achievement which requires you to complete the game using only a rock as your weapon and tools.

This seed has two villages near each other, and the traders sell a variety of wood.

Muck seed honorable mentions

Here are some Muck seed honorable mentions that you can find useful or merely fun, aside from our selection of the best 13.


This seed spawns you near a statue with a piece of coal for a head. Might not be helpful, but it sure is fun.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You will spawn right next to a cave where you can find the black shard. This is a rare crafting item used to make the Night Blade.


A seed with a funny name made for those who don’t feel like going the long way and collecting black shards or farming cave chests with the hope they’ll just get a Night Blade. It spawns you near a cave where you can find a Night Blade without a fuss.

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Muck: The 13 Best Seeds for Survival (2024)
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