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This guide will review all that is needed to know for OSRS Shooting Stars, if you need a quick OSRS star locator, click here.

OSRS Shooting Stars is a mining Distractions and Diversions minigame that actually brings in decent AFK experience depending on the method used.

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How long do shooting stars last for in OSRS?

Each layer lasts 7 minutes. This means for a tier 3 star, it will last 21 minutes.

Are crashed stars worth mining?

Yes, not only do you gain a decent amount of experience while AFKing, but you are also gaining the chance to earn the celestial ring with a +4 invisible boost to mining.

How much XP do you get per stardust in OSRS?

Mining experience gained is 32 experience per stardust - with gems not granting any experience. The experience is halved in F2P worlds.

How much XP per hour can you get mining stars in OSRS?

The experience is roughly 30K XP per hour. Up to 37k per hour with a crystal pickaxe at level 99 at a T9 star. The experience varies based on the tier due to how frequently a person has to move, their mining level (about 1k experience variation per ten levels), and the type of pickaxe used. Tick manipulation is possible when using an addy pickaxe.

Can I get a mining pet while mining a crashed star?

Yes, the base chance to receive the Rock golem is 1 in 521,550.


The gear setup should be focused on teleporting to the shooting star locations as fast as possible and boosted mining experience. Some worry that with clans monitoring stars that they will deplete faster, but since the first update, the stars deplete at a constant rate regardless of the people mining. Think of the woodcutting update, and know that it is similar.

Although your teleportation methods will depend on your house development and your Ironman status, it is important to be able to get around quickly. It is also wise to keep at least one Stamina Restore on your person because sometimes the stars landing sites are not right at a teleport location. Star dust will only take up one inventory spot, and then you can bring a gem bag because you will get gems while mining especially if wearing an Amulet of Glory. The con to wearing an Amulet of Glory is that is will reduce your XP per hour due to getting a gem instead of star dust. Mining a gem causes no experience for that action. When going for experience, it is best to leave the glory behind.

Star Scouting

Some of the clans that are known and you are welcome to join are: Star Miners (friends chat and discord) and Group Stars (friends chat).

If you are solo scouting, you should try to use the RuneLite Plugins to make your life easier. Since stars do not deplete based on how many people are using a star, there is no reason to not have the benefit of other star locations.

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To prioritize gaining experience, you will want to mine the highest star level available to you. If you are level 50, you can mine t5 stars and below. Due to updates, this is the most efficient way to get XP and star dust. The skill success rate (or the times that you will complete an action on the star) is identical for all tiers. The higher tier you start on, the less you will have to move around.

Say you do not have access to a telescope, or do not plan on scouting each individual world, there is a tool made for you. The shooting stars tracker is the best tracking map with locations being updated and giving credit to the person who shares the information.

It shares all of the vital information such as the time the information came across, what tier the star is, the world, the location, and when the star will end. The makes star tracking easier than ever before.

Useful Unlocks for Traveling

  • Dramen Staff or Elite Lumbridge Diary
  • Royal Seed Pod from Monkey Madness II
  • Mortania Leg 3 or above from Mortania Diary
  • Teleport Crystals or Eternal Teleport Crystal
  • Teleport to House (tabs, runes, cape)
  • Max POH
  • Book of the Dead
  • Rada’s Blessing
  • Ardougne Cloak

Possible Unlocks from Star Dust

Prospector Kit (golden)

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The Prospector Kit (Golden) required 12,000 stardust plus the original Prospector Kit earned from Motherlode Mine. You purchase four star fragments (pictured below) from Dusuri’s Star Shop.

Celestial ring

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The Celestial Ring costs 2,000 star dust and can also be charged (up to 10,000 charges) with stardust. Wearing the ring gives an invisible +4 boost to mining regardless of charges. When charged, it gives a 1/10 chance to earn extra resources up through adamant, granting XP for both. Every time the ore is mined a charge is used even if a second ore is not mined. This does stack with other mining enhancers.


Whether mining Shooting Stars for XP, collection log material, or an AFK way to train, hopefully this guide has been helpful for you. If you read through and thought star mining isn’t for me, but still need mining training, click here to go to the mining calculator and see which way is best for you.

This site will continually be updated with more content. Be sure to check back for other helpful articles.

Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (2024)
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