Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (2024)

Whether you’re playing Muck for its story or because of its survival aspects, there are specific seeds that can give you a leg up when starting out. Here’s our selection of the top 10 best Muck seeds for survival, offering a top-tier loot from the very start.

Best Muck Seeds, Ranked

In this list, I’ve collected 10 of the very best Muck seeds. They’ll give you quick and easy access to some of the best resources and loot in the game, including gear and weapons. All of them have crafting tables as well, so you’ll always be able to craft at a moment’s notice.

10. Seed: ROCC

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (1)

Start out in this Muck seed with the perfect tool for mining resources, which is a Gold Pickaxe. I found it inside a cave that appears right at spawn. Once you pick it up, you can now use it to harvest various resources such as rock, coal, iron ore, gold ore, and mithril ore from their respective ore outcrops.

9. Seed: Dev

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (2)

Spawn right next to a small village with a few chests and NPCs. If you travel to the southwestern corner of the map, you’ll find a cave with a couple of chests and a boat that needs to be repaired. This will allow you to quickly finish the survival campaign by beating the final boss.

8. Seed: 6705893

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (3)

This seed is perfect for speedrunning Muck‘s optional storyline. There’s a boat right at spawn and a Guardian with a green gem. There’s also plenty of obamium, which is required for repairing the ship’s engine, all around the spawn. The rest of the area is filled with chests of different rarities, full of loot.

7. Seed: 896066

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (4)

This seed spawns you right in front of a cave with rubies, adamantite, gold, obamium, and mithril. There’s also a number of chests and a Chunky’s statue at spawn. Not too far away from spawn, you’ll also find Gronk’s statue, which can be challenged for Gronk’s amazing sword, although it’s not as powerful as the Night Blade.

6. Seed: 782005

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (5)

Besides having good mining tools, I think it’s also important to obtain strong weapons as soon as you spawn. Here, I found a Spear Tip and a Fur Bow inside the chief’s chest in the village at spawn. But you have to be quick, or the local villagers will most definitely try to prevent you from taking these weapons.

5. Seed: -61619364

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (6)

Here’s another cool village at spawn with lots of chests and a cave not too far away. The best part is that there’s a Blade inside the cave’s chest. You can use it to craft Gronk’s Sword once you’ve been able to obtain Sword Hilt. In this way, you don’t even need to fight Gronk to get his excellent sword.

4. Seed: 36925811470

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (7)

You know what’s better than having a Blade inside the cave’s chest? Having a Blade and Black Shard inside the cave that’s located right at spawn. Typically, you can get these shards only by defeating Guardians, but that’s way too dangerous. So use this Muck seed instead and loot them safely.

3. Seed: 1234567890

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (8)

Having a nice village at spawn is great, but getting a double village is even better. I spawned right next to a couple of villages, which effectively doubles all the free loot. I can’t think of a better start for any survival game unless you can find even more villages and a Night Blade. But that’s something very rare, although not unobtainable.

2. Seed: -1520282579

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (9)

Speaking of more villages, here’s the Muck seed with three villages at spawn. You can see one of them on the hill where you appear. Then, I had to move a bit westward, where I discovered the other two. All three villages have lots of resources and weapons to help you start your survival game with a blast.

What is the Seed for the Nightblade in Muck?

1. Seed: -2038035459

Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (10)

The best Muck seed on my list is the Night Blade at spawn seed. I found the Night Blade inside the chest of a cave at spawn, which also had a Gold Pickaxe and some gold coins. The Night Blade is notorious for being the most powerful weapon in the game, dealing 150 points of damage. Crafting this sword would be a lot harder due to the scarcity of the materials, but here, it is free and ready to be used.

That’s it for my list of the top 10 best Muck seeds for survival. Stay tuned for more Muck tips and tricks articles right here.

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Top 10 Best Muck Seeds for Survival (2024)
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